Thanks for your help and support, Kim!

Kim is a very seasoned professional. At the end of seeing our first set of houses, she stopped and asked me the question “if I thought that we were going to be a good fit to work together?” During the search process, we came across a house that was a bit older and was going to require some ongoing TLC to keep up to par. I liked the house and was torn about what to do because I was getting sick of looking and it did meet a lot of the criteria I was after, but I certainly had some reservations. She could tell from my body language that I was too weary about the heavy maintenance aspect and reiterated that we need to find a place that I am going to be fully comfortable in and relayed her confidence that we would find that place. Kim was not just interested in making the sale, but realized how important it was that I found the right house and a place that I was going to truly be happy with. We searched for 3-4 months, found the perfect spot, and executed an accelerated close smoothly. Thanks for your help and support, Kim!

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